What is tobacco?

What is tobacco

Plants and crops are grown in multiple different types and forms. One of the many types of plants and crops grown all around the world is the tobacco. There are many tobacco companies in UAE which deal with the different type of manufacture of tobacco. This article is dedicated towards what tobacco is actually. You can find more info about tobacco in this very article.

Tobacco is a type of crop or you can even call it a plant. This crop usually used to grow in the Americas only in the past, but this is not the case anymore because these days tobacco can be seen to grow almost everywhere in the entire world. The leaves of this plant is found to be rich in a substance which is usually and generally called nicotine. Nicotine is known to be very addictive is also held accountable for the development and spread of many diseases, the list of which is topped by cancer.

The leaves are manufactured in a way that it is used in products which are smoked and also inhaled. The leaves are known to produce nicotine that is in the crudest form, which is then processed in the industries to make the best quality of nicotine which can be used then. As we mentioned about diseases before, tobacco is also responsible for many other types of diseases as well, which includes heart related problems as well as respiratory issues in people.

Since tobacco industry is such a huge industry on a global level, many countries have tobacco as their prime cash crop. They export it to other countries in exchange of money or other types of favors. This leads to a surplus in the economy and the overall finance on a national level. However, reports have also been surfacing around that the farmers which tend to these crops of tobacco are usually in high debts, which throws an overall negative impact on the industry. It is also reported that in a number of countries, high rates of child labor has been found in the industry of tobacco. Also, tobacco is a crop which is hazardous to grow anyways. It ruins the soil it grows in, leaves it completely deprived of any nutrients and also requires a lot of pesticide to grow.

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