Difference between National and International Schooling

Difference between National and International Schooling

The best British schools in Dubai are the most expensive schools around. On the other hand, local schools in Dubai re not much expensive, but their RDHA is very much impressive. There is a somewhat comparison between the national and international schools. However, Dubai’s national schools need to make headway in the international criteria for schools. The progress is ongoing and big changes are in shape. Some of the major differences between national and international schools are as follows. 

Cost of education

The major difference between Local primary schools and the best primary schools in Dubai is the number of fees they charge. The average amount of fess for British schools is 50 to 60 thousand AED per Annual. It is awfully a lot and not everyone can support the tuition fees. Thus it is simple, if you cannot afford the cost of education in a reputed International school, simply drop the idea of choosing any. Dubai’s local schools are much impressive in terms of fess and quality.

Plan for higher education

If you are planning to send your child for higher studies to a UK or Canadian university and if you can afford to send your child to an international school, then that would be the best option. They will create a foundation that will come in handy when applying for international studies.

However, there is not any such case; a student studied in local schools in Dubai can’t go for international universities for higher studies. You just need proper dedication and a goal to reach, the rest is history.

Difference in facilities

It’s a reality that international renowned primary and secondary schools are known for their up to date facilities and labs, why wouldn’t they have everything; they charge a fortune to give those facilities. On the other hand, local primary and secondary schools do have facilities of their own, but again they are not up to date. 

Wide Range of Faculties International schools being international has a diverse range of students belonging to many ethnicities around the world, which in turn creates a range of faculties who understands a range of languages to communicate and familiarize themselves with their students. There are professional faculties in local schools of Dubai; however, due to low-income support it’s financially impossible to deliver a range of faculties.

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