A List of Foods That Make a Healthy Meal Plan

A List of Foods That Make a Healthy Meal Plan

The key to sticking to a healthy meal plan in Dubai is varying your foods to provide variety and flavor. Many seemingly healthy snacks are loaded with sugar, saturated fat, and carbohydrates. Many of the healthiest foods are also tasty and easy to prepare. For example, oatmeal keeps cholesterol levels in check, helps prevent heart disease, and keeps you full until lunch. It’s high in soluble fiber and is available in steel-cut and old-fashioned varieties.


Adding a variety of vegetables to your daily meal plan can be a great way to boost your nutrition levels. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, including potassium, supporting muscles and bones. Although each vegetable has a different balance of vitamins and minerals, most vegetables are a good addition to your meal plan. Below is a list of vegetables to add to your daily meal plan. You can also include legumes and whole-grain cereal in your meal plans.

Lean protein sources:

A good lean protein source is dairy. Milk is a good choice because it is low in fat and has calcium good for bones. One cup of low-fat milk contains 250 mg of calcium or 19 percent of the daily value for calcium. Cottage cheese is another lean source of protein. A half-cup contains 110 calories, nine grams of protein, and only two grams of total fat. Pork is another lean protein source.

Plant-based foods:

Eating a diet predominantly made up of plant-based foods is extremely healthy and easy to implement. You should include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet and consume a variety of colors in your meals. You should also limit the amount of meat you eat and include good fats like olive oil, seeds, and avocados. It would help if you also consumed whole grains and beans as a part of your diet.


When you plan a healthy meal plan, you need to choose meals that fit your schedule and budget. Choose foods that come in season and are on sale. Make a list of what you have on hand. Plan when to use leftovers and frozen meals and eat takeout. Include foods that are easy to prepare but are still healthy and nutritious. Also, plan to prepare breakfast and snacks on the weekends.

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