A Guide to Handover Inspections for New Home Owners

A Guide to Handover Inspections for New Home Owners

The handover inspection of a new home is meant to be your final opportunity to ensure that all serious issues such as:

  • compliance with building regulations for fire safety
  • termite control
  • wet area waterproofing
  • adequate provisions for storm water runoff are met

With this tool, you can easily see if everything on your list of “must haves” is included, or if any of the issues were missed in the checklist. While inspecting a brand-new house, there are some things that you will want to look out for. This guide is here to help you.

Common Issues of Any House Found in Handover Inspection:

  • One of the most common defects noted during handover inspections is an area that is not properly waterproofed. While your new contractor may have recommended a waterproofing system from the beginning, this alone should not be enough to keep your home from sustaining damage due to inclement weather. Check around the exterior walls of the home to see if you can spot areas that may need to have additional waterproofing, as well as those that may have visible cracks or signs of water entry.
  • A good handover inspection and residential valuation in Dubai also requires that all drains and sewage systems are properly in place, or else the home could become flooded. If pipes are leaking, the water could reach the foundation of the home, causing further damage to the structure.
  • Pipes that are blocked from the outside can easily cause mold and mildew to develop inside the walls, as well as damaging the interior wood framing. If an inspection is carried out before the handover, you can avoid many problems and costs.

How to Know When a Handover Inspection is Completed:

Once the actual handover inspection is completed, you will receive a written handover inspection report, which will outline any repairs that need to be made within the timeframe allotted by the builder. Many building inspectors will also request photos of the finished product, so that they may make their final recommendations for repairs.

Your goal as a buyer is to purchase a home that meets all of the code requirements, passes the major handover inspection in Dubai, and is built to last. While it is possible to save money on certain aspects of the handover inspection process, remember that you must always pay close attention to the cost of materials and labor during the actual construction. This is why it is necessary to have a realistic understanding of the final cost of the project. You should budget for the cost of materials and labor.

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